May 6-12 is US Equestrian's Community Outreach Awareness Week. Learn more at
"Horses have the power to change lives, and so do you!"

Everyone should have the chance to experience the power of horses, regardless of their circumstances, especially if they have the desire. USEF Opportunity Week is a celebration of the organizations that are transforming lives through the joy of horses. These organizations are all part of the USEF Community Outreach Program

One of the great benefits of being a USEF Community Outreach Organization is having access the USEF Opportunity Fund. This resource is dedicated to supporting grassroots organizations with a mission to increase access to horses, horse sports, and equine-based learning opportunities among under-represented and/or under-served communities. 



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100% of your donation goes to the USEF Opportunity Fund. Each donation supports the USEF Community Outreach Oragnizations who connect people with horses and transform lives. 



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